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boucles d’oreilles argent et perle

boucles d’oreilles argent et perle

55 000Fr

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Boucles d’oreilles composées de deux montures en argent 925/000 de 3.25g, serties de deux perles de culture de Tahiti.

Description of pearls

  • Form

    semi ronde/ronde

  • Grade


  • Cut

    8.75/8.85 mm

  • Color


Components of the jewel

  • Metal

    silver 925/°°°

  • Stones

    N / A

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Welcome to the world of Tahitian Pearls

Ia orana e Maeva, I am happy to invite you into the magical world that has been mine for over 50 years and we, my team and I, are happy to share with you our love for the Tahitian Pearl, the queen of pearls .