féminité . raffinement . élégance
féminité . raffinement . élégance

Our jewelry

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Our Wristbands

Whether with one or more pearls, sublimate your wrists with the bracelets designed by Mr. Didier SIBANI.

Our pearls

Our pearls are the very essence of Maison SIBANI, our story began with the meeting between Mr. Didier SIBANI and the gem of the Pacific.

Our Rings

In pearl and gold, here begins the story of Mr. Didier SIBANI's designs. Maison SIBANI rings are the symbol of creativity and elegance.

Our Necklaces

With pearls, adorned with diamonds and gold, the necklaces designed by Mr. Didier SIBANI are marvels that will sublimate your neck.

Our Pendants

The pendants designed by Mr. Didier SIBANI reflect the elegance and refinement of the gesture.

The SIBANI House


Sibani Perles combines the art of jewelry with the authenticity of the Tahitian pearl to offer you the widest range of the most beautiful jewelry.
The infinite variety of shades of color offered by the Tahitian pearl inspires the creation of Sibani Perles jewelry and makes it unique.
Our collections are elegant, current and correspond to the desires of today's woman.

The shop

Find our jewelry in store in Bora Bora

The workshop

Our specialists create exceptional jewelry

Sending jewelry

We deliver Sibani Perles jewelry worldwide

Advice and maintenance

Find our tips for maintaining your Sibani Perles jewelry

Welcome to the world of Tahitian Pearls

Ia orana e Maeva, I am happy to invite you into the magical world that has been mine for over 50 years and we, my team and I, are happy to share with you our love for the Tahitian Pearl, the queen of pearls .